Anonymous asked:

STFU white girl. This is not about u. Youre not oppressed, youre privileged.

robotbears answered:

see im conflicted here

because on one hand it is absolutely essential to have a conversation about white womanhood within our feminist praxis. white american women who would be feminists have to be absolutely on guard against assimilating into the imperialist structures we are socially positioned to benefit from. our struggle as white women to liberate ourselves from patriarchy will be absolutely in vain if we fail to interrogate the way we ourselves have the capacity to be oppressors. wealthy white women like me are practicing a bullshit feminism if it doesn’t recognize that drone strikes and minimum wage and environmentalism and etc are all feminist issues just as much as whatever’s getting written about in jezebel these days

but i am pretty willing to bet that the anon who sent me this is not trying to start that conversation and means something more along the lines of “stop talking about your oppression because, like, those other women in like, muslim countries or whatever have it so much worse, they like aren’t even allowed to read or something. you can’t possibly be oppressed. bitch.”

And that is how to tell someone to shut up.


I'll tell you my life story ok

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